We raise a wide selection of plants including several custom breeding projects in many woody, ornamental, and native species.


We offer a variety of services to the locals of Calloway County, KY. Feel free to inquire for a service, but please understand that we may not be able to fulfil every request.


Although a smaller focus of our business, we design and install a few landscapes each year within the nearby area utilizing lesser known plants to create unique environments. Whether to entertain, excite, establish a place of tranquillity, or one that is simply functional, we strive to serve the needs of our clients.

We prefer Japanese Sukiya style in which high quality, serenity, natural patterns, and integration of the indoors and outdoors are emphasized. We also enjoy working within the English style in which bold color and texture, excitement, order, and a lively atmosphere dominate the design.


We can provide expert consultation and site analysis to help your plants flourish including soil testing for pH/nutritional imbalances, diseases and pest management. Our preference is for smaller jobs associated with ornamentals especially azaleas, hollies, and Japanese maples. Close behind are vegetable gardens, small fruit, and house plants.

Pesticide Application

We can perform fertilization and ornamental pest control, such as treating for lacebugs on azaleas or pH modification of soil. Since pesticide application is dependent on timing and the weather, we cannot accept all jobs offered.

Lawn Care

We can provide limited small lawn care services at the present. However, we do not have time for large lawns. Feel free to inquire if interested.